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A Stop To Freedom

Members of Second Baptist Church of Detroit got started assisting freedom seekers before it was established as a place to worship. Way back in 1831 the Blackburns escaped from a plantation in Kentucky and made their way to Detroit. The Blackburns lived peacefully in Detroit, among the colored people, until 1833 when they were arrested. It was some of the future founders of Second Baptist who aided in the escape of the Blackburns to Canada.

Historic Second Baptist was one of the last stops to freedom on the Underground Railroad for those escaping to Canada. Second Baptist served as a, “Safe Haven" from 1836 to 1865 from three different locations. “Freedom Seekers” continued to find refuge at our different locations (other sites were burned down) until slaves were freed in 1865 and the Underground Railroad was no longer needed.

Today Second Baptist still holds worship service every Sunday at 441 Monroe, in Greektown. This is the only “extant” site of the Underground Railroad in the Metro Detroit area. All other sites have since moved from their original sites to a new location. At this one site (Croghan Station), more than 5,000 freedom seekers were led safely to freedom. It is this site that people come from all over the world to learn of the story of our ancestors. Tours are provided by dedicated tour guides passionate about sharing the story of our people.

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Located in Second Baptist Church

441 - 461 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226


Tel: (313) 961 - 0325


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